The School: Wendell Park Primary School

Wendell Park Primary School are in their second year of working with Enabling Enterprise, developing their enterprise skills through lesson- time projects, business trips and challenge days. Today the children drew on their experiences of the eight key Enabling Enterprise skills to learn about finance and create and present their own sweet shop using finance related terminology.

The Business: Societe Generale, London

Societe Generale is one of the largest European financial services groups. Students got a tour around Societe Generale’s Richmond office where they were able to meet employees from several departments and ask impressive questions about their jobs in the company.

The Challenge: Money Matters

The main aim of this challenge was to design a successful sweetshop. The children had to persuade the bank to give them a start-up loan, then invest it in various confectionary providers by evaluating the potential risk and benefits of these investments. After this students worked together to calculate their profits before creating a floor plan and designing their themed tasty products.

The Results:

Children particularly used their team work and listening carefully skills to design a unique sweet shop that would attract customers. The creativity was abundant from ice-cream themed sweet shops, to ship themed sweet shops. At the end of the day, the children were able to present their beautiful designs to the volunteers at Societe Generale. It was fantastic to see the children putting their Sharing Ideas skill into practice and demonstrating all the hard work that had gone into the day.

What they said:

  • “It was a really interesting idea to get the children to create their own sweet shop. The profit making section of the day was especially impressive as it stretched the existing knowledge that children had about money” – Teacher, Wendell Park Primary
  • “It was really rewarding to work with the children from Wendell Park Primary school. The day was well structured and I particularly enjoyed the presentation part as all the children were really confident” – Volunteer, Societe Generale
  • “The day has been so fun , I love when we wrote down ideas for our sweetshop” – Student, Wendell Park Primary

Thanks to Societe Generale for such a great trip day, and to Years 2 from Wendell Park primary school for coming along.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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