The School: Southwood Primary

Located in Barking and Dagenham, Southwood Primary is in its first year of working with Enabling Enterprise. Student and teachers there are looking forward to their Enterprise Week later this year, whilst classes start their Lesson-Time Projects in a few weeks’ time. This Challenge Day was the perfect opportunity for the whole school to hone in on Using Imagination and Working in a Team.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

Following the revelation that human civilisation may need to find another home to move to in the future, the students were eager to put their Problem Solving skills to the test. Having decided which human beings would be best to take to their new moon, the students deployed their Using Imagination skill to design a new animal that would be useful to their new civilisations.

Reception also took part in the day by coming up with a fantastic city plan and some space paintings, as well as the most imaginative rocket that was equipped with many useful features for humans. All this required excellent team work too!

The Results:

As students started making their new cities in the sky, it was great to see the different creative designs popping up in classrooms. It was clear Aiming High was their top priority as all the groups worked hard to make their city the best. The mixed teams proved to be a highlight for students and staff. Leaders emerged in some classes, ensuring that everybody had a chance to share their ideas with the team in a polite and fair manner. The day culminated in a round of confident presentations, and all students walked away from the challenge with the proud feeling of having accomplished their mission.

What they said:

  • “They have really matured and shown they were able to discuss and work collaboratively. I am also impressed with the reasons they’ve come up with in their choices – this challenge really has stretched them.” – Teacher, Year 2
  • “My favourite bit was when we were sharing our ideas and putting them together to create our animal.” – Student, Year 5

Well done to everyone who was involved.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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