The School: Gayhurst Primary

Gayhurst Primary have just completed their Enterprise Week, with all year groups engaging with projects such as Number Crunching, where they designed new chocolate brands and Gallery Opening, where they set up an art gallery in school to show off their creations.

Their Challenge Day was a great chance for students across the whole school to apply enterprise skills such as teamwork, using imagination and problem solving to a brand new challenge.

The Challenge: A Day in Politics and Social Entrepreneur

In KS1, students dove head first into the world of politics, by setting up their very own political parties. They researched different areas of society to help, created manifesto posters and took part in an exciting hustings, during which teams voting for who they wanted in power to potentially run the country.

In KS2, students planned their own social enterprises. They researched different social problems and thought of creative ideas for ways that their social enterprise could help to solve these problems whilst making enough money to be financially self-sufficient. Then, they created promotional materials to show off their new social enterprises and delivered formal presentations to pitch their ideas to the other teams.

The Results:

Across the school, students demonstrated fantastic maturity and thoughtfulness in finding ways to help different areas of society. In KS1, it was great to see students working so well in their teams, by applying what they’d learnt in their lesson time projects. Even the children in reception came up with some lovely ideas, such building new hospitals with plenty of beds for everyone so people don’t have to wait. In KS2, students came up with some fantastic ideas to help out different people in society, such as the elderly and disables. They demonstrated that they were able to share their ideas use great leadership skills.

What they said:

  • “My students have shown superb progress on their teamwork skills today – this has been a big focus and today they made a huge leap forward!” – Teacher, Gayhurst Primary School
  • “I had to stay positive today when I was making my promotional materials. It kept going wrong and was really tricky but I didn’t give up and it looked great at the end” – Student, Gayhurst Primary School

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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