The School: Longlands Primary School

Longlands Primary School in Bexley are in their second year of working with Enabling Enterprise. This year, Longlands students have already taken part in the enterprise challenge “A Day in Politics” where they had the chance to set up and run their own political parties. The Year 5 students on the McMillan Williams trip today were ready to put their enterprise skills to the test and see how skills such as Teamwork and Problem Solving are used in a law firm.

The Business: McMillan Williams, London

McMillan Williams Solicitors is one of the largest solicitor firms in the south of England. Established for almost 30 years with branches in London, Croydon, the South East and South West of England they undertake a broad range of work including Family Law, Actions Against the Police and Criminal Law. The Longlands students were lucky enough to meet several different McMillan Williams employees and find out what working in a law firm is like.

The Challenge: Listen Up Lawyers

At the start of the day the Year 5 Longlands students had the chance to find out more about McMillan Williams by going on a tour and interviewing the volunteers about their jobs and the skills they use every day. In their law firm teams, the Longlands students were then set the challenge of prosecuting or defending their client, Harry Potter or Hermione Granger, by analysing the evidence they had been given and using their imagination to come up with strong arguments for their case.

The Results:

All four law firm teams impressed the jury with their clear and persuasive arguments about why their client was innocent or guilty. It was fantastic to see every member of the team sharing their ideas and taking part in the presentations and it was particularly impressive to hear the questions the Year 5 Longlands students asked to the opposing team which showed their excellent listening skills.

What they said:

  • “The McMillan Williams volunteers were very supportive and engaged with the children. I do believe this is crucial to the success of the teamwork tasks.” – Teacher, Longlands Primary School
  • “It was brilliant to see how the students developed as professionals across the day. It actually shows Enabling Enterprise’s mission can be achieved: that all students can develop these skills on an EE programme.” – Volunteer, McMillan Williams
  • “I think we got better at listening during the day and especially at the end when we asked the other law team difficult questions about what they had said!” – Student, Longlands Primary School

Thanks to McMillan Williams for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from Longlands Primary School for coming along.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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