The Schools: Netherton CE Primary, Reaside Academy and Ss John & Monica Catholic Primary School

Years 4 and 5 from three schools across the West Midlands joined at Newman University to put their Enterprise Skills to the ultimate test. Having completed Lesson-Time Projects at school the students were ready to join forces with new team members to see who could use their Imagination Skills.

The Business: Newman University, Birmingham

Newman University is an inclusive Catholic university with smaller than average class sizes, an interactive teaching style and outstanding graduate employment. Founded in 1968 and based 8 miles south west of Birmingham city centre, the University offers first and post graduate degrees in teacher education and a broad range of human and social sciences. Initial Teacher Education (ITE) is available at both undergraduate level and through the Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

The Challenge: Imaginative Inventors

The students had the opportunity to become Imaginative Inventors and help the University students and staff to solve their everyday problems. The pupils proved they could Listen Carefully and Use Imagination to come up with exciting technological answers to tricky problems. A whole range of inventions were created that many of the volunteers wanted to be put into immediate production to help them with their everyday work! Students proved they could be Team Workers and Stay Positive in order to work to deadlines and confidently present their inventions to the judges.

The Results:

Students used their Listening Carefully Skills on their tour of the university and used this to grill volunteers further as to what devices they needed to help them with their everyday life. Judges were impressed at how well the teams had worked together, having only met in the morning. All the designs were innovative and new, with some even having additional gadgets to buy to enhance the product! Using Imagination was the top awarded skill point for the day.

What they said:

  • “It has been great to see students who are usually quite passive in their learning working with others and being involved and focused on the Challenge Skills and working in a team so well.” – Teacher, Netherton CofE Primary
  • “I can’t believe how well the students have worked together. They seemed like a class right from the start as the Challenge Skills really focused them on the goal. I wish I had done this when I was at school to prepare me for life” – Volunteer, Newman University
  • “I have really enjoyed today. I have used my Working in a Team Skill and can’t wait for the Challenge Day in school tomorrow when I get to have such a fun session again” – Student, Netherton CofE Primary

Thanks to Newman for such a great trip day, and to Netherton CofE Primary, Reaside Academy and Ss John & Monica Catholic Primary School for coming along.

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