Bridging the gap at Freshfields

On the 12th of June, Abbotsfeld, Burbage and St. Monica’s primary schools joined the Enabling Enterprise team to take part in a day which focused on building teamwork skills. The event was hosted at Freshfields and gave students the chance to see inside a top law firm. The students were introduced to each other through a range of activities which included games such as “zip, zap, boing” and Chinese whispers. Once everyone had a chance to get to know one another, the teams split off to discuss what the characteristics of an effective and ineffective team were. Students were able to recognise that an effective team was not only one where individual members make good contributions but one where members support and encourage each other.

The main activity of the day was to build a bridge from a limited number of resources. Relying only on a credit card with a limit of $50 the teams thought carefully about their expenditure before parting with their money. They also used bartering to gain resources and in one case, a team even bought a resource from the shop only to trade it, making a saving of $10 – which demonstrated some very clever negotiating.

The brief was to build a bridge, one metre in length which would rest on two chairs but could not be attached to the chair in any way. The bridges built ranged from flat structures to more artistic builds which incorporated triangular pillars for support and aesthetic appeal. Many of the teams through experimenting came to realise that incorporating triangles into their model created a sturdier bridge. Once the models had been built the teams presented their bridges to the Freshfields judges. Congratulations to the “Fantastic Five” who were given the prize for best presentation which was commended for being well structured and reflective. And of course to team “Striding” for winning the prize for best bridge, a model which went beyond the objective of the exercise and was not only sturdy but an iconic piece of architecture.

A final thank you to the Freshfields judges!

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