The School: Cubitt Town Infants School

Cubitt Town Infants’, located in Tower Hamlets are in their fourth year of working with Enabling Enterprise. This school are no stranger to enterprise, as last year they hosted a fantastic community café to celebrate the end of their Enabling Enterprise Project. This year, Year 1 children have already set up their own postal service in the school, and Year 2 are just about to begin their project.

The Challenge: Crime Scene Challenge

Cubitt Town Infants’ School were set the challenge of helping to find the infamous Sugar Snatcher who had been raiding chocolate supplies in local schools. Shockingly, the Sugar Snatcher had struck again, this time stealing chocolate from their school canteen. The detectives of Cubitt Town Infants’ now had to sort through evidence in a crime scene, look at CCTV footages and investigate fingerprints to decide who was responsible for the dastardly crime!

The Results:

Our new detective recruits at Cubitt Town Infants’ were on the case immediately, using their Working in a Team, Listening Carefully and Problem Solving skills to analyse all the evidence. They used all the information they had found to shortlist only the clues they thought were relevant to their case. The enterprising investigators then created an evidence board to present to the case officer, which would prove which one of the suspects was guilty.

The would-be detectives were just finishing their presentations and reflecting on the Enterprise Skills they had used today, when something shocking happened. One of the suspects confessed to the crime! Our new detectives could relax now their job was done and the Sugar Snatcher had been caught.

What they said:

  • “They showed such great Listening Carefully skills today. They would make fantastic detectives one day!” – Teacher, Cubitt Town Infants School
  • “They have done so well today putting the evidence together. They have developed so many Challenge Skills today.” – Teacher, Cubitt Town Infants School
  • “I had to Stay Postive today when my idea didn’t get chosen.” – Student, Cubitt Town Infants School
  • “I used my Imagination today. I figured out who the Sugar Snatcher was by imagining what might have happened by using the evidence we found.” – Student, Cubitt Town Infants School

Well done to everyone who was involved.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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