The School: William Tyndale Primary School

Year 6 pupils from William Tyndale Primary School had the opportunity to build on their success following their highly successful Operation Moon Base Challenge Day in November by taking part in the Terrific Towers Challenge at ISG. The students came prepared for Team Work and determined to Aim High in order to make the best tower they could.

The Business: ISG, London

ISG is an international construction services company delivering fit out, construction and engineering services. The pupils had the opportunity to visit an area of London which is itself undergoing much development, and to learn first-hand about the different roles and skills needed to make such huge projects a success.

The Challenge: Terrific Towers

Terrific Towers challenges the pupils to put their Team Work and Problem Solving Skills into action in order to build a tower which is tall and strong, inspired by a shape and fit for a specific purpose. They must stick to budget and the tight deadline in order to succeed and then proudly Share Ideas in order to explain to the experts how and why they built their tower.

The Results:

The pupils showed their flair and ability in Using Imagination in order to design exciting and unique buildings. They Listened Carefully to the advice they were given by the volunteers in order to ensure all their constructions were free standing and truly terrific. Once building was finished they used their Team Work skills once again to decide how the interior would be fitted out before Sharing Ideas in the form a pitch at a Construction Fair. They made it very difficult for the ISG volunteers to pick a winner by producing such detailed and entertaining pitches. At the end of the day the pupils proudly took their towers back to school on the bus to share with their class mates!

What they said:

  • “Our Year 6 are a creative year group and this activity really gave them to chance to develop these skills even more” – Teacher, William Tyndale Primary School
  • “I was really impressed with their group work skills. They Listened Carefully to one another and worked together to succeed in building their tower.” – Volunteer, ISG
  • “We really had to think hard to Problem Solve. Because we only had one pair of scissors and one roll of tape. It made us use our initiative.” – Student, William Tyndale Primary School

Thanks to ISG for such a great trip day, and to William Tyndale Primary School for coming along.

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