The School: Cranford Primary School

Cranford Primary are no strangers to Enabling Enterprise having completed several lesson time projects and challenge days in previous years. Today Year 5 were in the spotlight as they travelled to offices in their local borough for a hi-tech challenge that would stretch their enterprise skills at Hounslow Highways.

The Business: Hounslow Highways

Hounslow Highways is responsible for maintaining the roads, pavements and street lighting across the borough, as well as providing a number of other key services including street cleansing, winter maintenance and enforcement. Students met a range of volunteers from across the business and worked alongside them to hone in on Using Imagination and Problem Solving. Let’s see how they got on…

The Challenge: imaginative Inventors

Following an introduction to Hounslow Highways, Business Manager Tim set students the challenge of inventing innovative new gadgets that would help Hounslow Highways keep the roads and footpaths of the borough clean, safe and well lit. Thanks to an extremely informative tour of the premises including the open plan office space, heavy-duty machinery outside and an impressive depot full of tons of grit, students were able to conduct some useful market research to help them generate ideas for their new gadgets. This was enhanced by quizzing our volunteers further about which problems they would really like to be solved in their day-to-day role at work.

The Results:

Next, students unleashed their creativity and aimed high with their gadget ideas. They had to agree as a team on their invention’s concept, where Staying Positive proved particularly handy for some students. Teams then created an informative poster explaining key features of their inventions and what was unique about their gadget. Finally, it was time for students to pitch their ideas in an exciting Inventors’ Fair. In the end the Hounslow Highway judges had nothing but praise for the creative budding entrepreneurs, who made quite an impression sharing their ideas and through their ability to work in teams.

What they said:

  • “Today’s challenge has sparked the children’s creativity, and they were both enthused and focused throughout the day.” – Teacher, Cranford Primary
  • “Some students have really impressed me with the way they’ve listened to our feedback and used it in their next rounds of presentations.” – Volunteer, Hounslow Highways
  • “Today I’ve learnt a lot about gadgets, and I’m walking away from this trip with the best teamwork we’ve ever done!” – Student, Cranford Primary

Thanks to Hounslow Highways for such a great trip day, and to Cranford Primary School for coming along.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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