The School: St. Ursula’s Convent School

St. Ursula’s Convent School is an outstanding secondary school in Greenwich and the students attending the trip were from Year 9 and 10. Last year, these students took part in the exciting and very topical Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day “A Day in Politics” where they set up their own political party. Throughout this day the St. Ursula’s students had to use their enterprise skills such as teamwork to ensure they were the winning political party in the final election.

The Business: Norton Rose Fulbright, London

Norton Rose Fulbright delivers domestic and multi-jurisdictional legal services to international corporates, financial institutions, governments and other public sector organisations. They cover a range of legal practices, including corporate, M&A and securities, banking and finance, dispute resolution and litigation, tax, employment and labour and regulation. The St. Ursula’s students were lucky enough to get to work alongside a variety of employees throughout the day and hear about their jobs and the skills they needed to use.

The Challenge: Listen Up Lawyers

After an introduction to the law and to Norton Rose Fulbright with a fantastic tour around the offices, the St. Ursula’s students were ready to start their challenge. In teams, they had to act as either the prosecution or defence team in one of our three cases: a civil law case involving a hospital, and two criminal law cases, one involving a car chase and one to do with inciting terrorism. They had to listen carefully to a range of evidence and prepare their cases, working as a team to decide what the most compelling arguments would be.

The Results:

The Year 9 and 10 students worked really well together throughout the day, making sure that everyone’s ideas were included, especially when considering which arguments and evidence supported their side of the case. The final court cases were superb with the St Ursula’s students sharing their ideas really confidently using fantastic eye contact, hand gestures and persuasive language in their speeches.

What they said:

  • “This is such an aspirational trip for our students to see the inner workings of a law firm and all the different jobs that exist here. It is such a great opportunity for them to be in such a different environment and meet and work alongside new adults with a range of roles.” – Teacher, St. Ursula’s Convent School
  • “It has been a real pleasure to work with you all today and to see you progress from this morning when you first arrived a bit shy and quiet, to this afternoon where you all presented to us confidently and with such compelling arguments.” – Volunteer, Norton Rose Fulbright
  • “I’ve really enjoyed today and it’s really opened my eyes to what a law firm is like. I thought everyone was going to be really serious but all the volunteers have been so friendly and obviously enjoy working here. Teamwork seems to be a really important skill at Norton Rose Fulbright.” – Student, St. Ursula’s Convent School

Thanks to Norton Rose Fulbright in London for such a great trip day, and to St. Ursula’s Convent School for coming along.

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