The School: St Catherine’s Primary School

Year 6 children at St Catherine’s Primary School in Barnet, experienced their first taste of enterprise when they participated in the Moon Base Challenge Day. The pupils showed they already have a good grasp of the different Challenge Skills and why these might be important to them. They now look forward to starting their enterprise projects in the spring and summer terms.

The Challenge: Operation Moon Base

The day started with an assembly which set the students on a mission to create a brand new society on a moon that has just been discovered. After taking on the roles of young managers, all students had to use both their Teamwork and Problem Solving skills to select an ideal crew before coming up with a brand new species of animal, which could help them thrive on their new Moon Base.

The Results:

Students also took on the role of architects to design a whole city from scratch, working within tight deadlines. Throughout the day, creativity and originality were certainly noticed and rewarded both by teachers and EE staff, who were impressed with the fantastic ideas they came up with. By the end of the day, students were using their enterprise skills so well that you could hardly tell this was their first experience of such a challenge.

What they said:

  • “It’s been a great day where all the children are focused, engaged and really using their imagination to come up with different ideas’’ – Teacher, St Catherine’s Primary School
  • “I found working in a team quite frustrating at times but after lunch our team came back and tried to solve the problems we had and so I felt things started to improve.’’ Year 6 Student, St Catherine’s Primary

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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