The School: Wheelers Lane Primary School

Located in Kings Heath near Birmingham, Wheelers Lane Primary are a 3-form entry school in their second year of working with Enabling Enterprise. Their students have already impressed teachers and EE staff alike in previous business trips and Challenge Days they took part in. Let’s see how they got on.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

Wheelers Lane dived into their challenge with one goal in mind: to create a brand new society on a moon that has just been discovered. After taking on the roles of young managers, all students had to use both their teamwork and problem solving skills to select an ideal crew. Next up, a brand new species of animal, which could help them thrive on their new Moonbase.

The Results:

Students also took on the role of architects to design a whole city from scratch which, they had to build and bring to life within tight deadlines. Throughout the day, creativity and originality were certainly noticed and rewarded both by teachers and EE staff. All teams used their imagination to a high standard. Teamwork points were flying high too, especially as many team leaders succeeded in their efforts to keep their team positive.

The day culminated in a thriving Intergalactic Trade Fair, where students aimed high in the spirit of healthy competition to persuade their peers to vote for their new civilisation. Given the quality of their presentations, it was clear that students had become experts at sharing ideas.

What they said:

  • “I was surprised how their teamwork skills developed over the course of the challenge. They certainly improved their decision-making skills and the process of listening to each other carefully to make considered decisions.” – Teacher, Wheelers Lane Primary School
  • “The children have interacted well within their groups – there is a marked difference and improvement in their team work skills from last year.” – Teacher, Wheelers Lane Primary School
  • “I like how the content is linked with a purpose. One of my pupils, who has a notoriously challenging behaviour, was actually thriving in this environment!” – Teacher, Wheelers Lane Primary School
  • “I’d rather do this than play video games!” – Student, Wheelers Lane Primary School

Well done to everyone who was involved and good luck with your enterprising projects this year.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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