The School: Chesterton Primary School

Chesterton Primary School is a growing 1-form entry school in Cambridge. This is the first year they have worked with Enabling Enterprise, and they kick their programme with an exciting mystery to solve.

The Challenge: Crime Scene Challenge

The students at Chesterton Primary School began the day with a police briefing from Detective Daisy who told them about the “sugar snatcher” and the crime of stealing chocolate he or she had committed. Students then had to work in teams to collect evidence to decide who the guilty suspect was. Throughout the day the teams had to listen carefully to each other and share their ideas in order to be successful police recruits and catch the ‘sugar snatcher’.

The Results:

The students in Willow and Rowan class used excellent listening skills throughout the day in order to listen to their team mates and work out who they though the “sugar snatcher” was. On their visit to the crime scene in the library they shared their ideas in order to come to a team decision as to who had stolen the chocolate. Apple class really impressed the detectives with their very professional behaviour when they visited the crime scene and their excellent problem-solving skills to work out who had been in the library.

What they said:

  • “I have been so impressed with your teamwork this morning. I have seen turn taking and people that have stayed positive even if their idea didn’t get chosen by the group.” – Teacher, Chesterton Primary School
  • “I think the most important skill for being a policewoman is listening carefully.” – Student, Chesterton Primary School

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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