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Throughout the summer term, Year 3 at East Acton Primary School have taken part in ‘Making Changes’, a project developed by Enabling Enterprise with support from Kings’ Health Partners. Each team took on the role of a different department in the hospital including pharmacy, skin cancer, HR, A & E, and dentistry.

The children created a public health campaign for their department to improve the health of their fellow students. The project culminated with each team setting up a stall to launch their campaign, and talking to other children about how they can make sure they stay healthy. Here we catch up with Louis and Sara, two of the Year 3 children who took part in the project, and their teacher Miss Abu-Oun.

What did you do in the project?

Sara: I worked for the HR department, and we made a logo, slogan and posters. Our campaign was trying to make people sneeze in to tissues so germs don’t spread. Our slogan was ‘catch the sneezes, don’t spread diseases’.

Louis: I worked for the dentistry department. Our campaign was trying to make people brush their teeth twice a day so they can have healthier teeth. Our slogan was ‘brush it out’.

What did you enjoy about the project?

Sara: I enjoy being creative so I enjoyed making the posters, stickers and leaflets.

Miss Abu-Oun: I liked that they specialised in a department. They really took control of their department, and they felt that they actually worked there; it was theirs, it was their territory. They were experts in this department, and they took the time to research them at home.

The team that were the HR department weren’t sure what it was at first, but we did some research on the internet and they understood they were trying to keep the staff safe. They made lots of posters for around school as they understood HR works in school as well.

What did you learn in the project?

Miss Abu-Oun: As well as learning details about keeping healthy and the different departments, they learnt about the different roles there are in a hospital. It inspired them, some of them said ‘I want to be a nurse when I’m older’, and others were more into pharmaceutical things they never knew before. They were inspired to see other roles they hadn’t accessed before, and understood the ins and outs of hospitals more.

What skills did you develop?

Sara: I found it difficult to lead as not everyone was happy with my suggestions,
but I was good at working in a team as I was helping my team a lot.

Louis: I developed leadership because when I made suggestions if my team
didn’t like the idea I asked anyone else for their suggestions. We then found an idea most people were happy with.

Miss Abu-Oun: They definitely developed leadership skills. They took votes to make decisions when they didn’t agree, and I didn’t need to intervene if they disagreed. They were very creative and imaginative, coming up with their
campaigns alone.

Has doing EE projects had a knock-on effect to other subjects?

Miss Abu-Oun: The skills they use in EE are really important skills, and skills like leadership and teamwork help in topic work, and other subjects.

This project is part of a wider programme East Acton Primary School are doing, which involves children from Year 1 to 6 taking part in enterprise activities in order to develop the core enterprise skills, or Challenge Skills, that Enabling Enterprise focus on. This year, Miss Abu-Oun’s class has made fantastic progress in their enterprise skills, especially in Sharing Ideas and Aiming High. Next year, Louis, Sara and their class will continue to develop their enterprise skills through more projects building on their success so far. Taking part in the ‘Making Changes’ project has given their class a heightened awareness of how to stay healthy, and inspiration for a whole range of careers in health.

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