The School: The South Leeds Academy

The South Leeds Academy is a unisex secondary school based in Leeds. Last year The South Leeds Year 8 completed ‘The Greetings Card Challenge’ with Enabling Enterprise and PwC volunteers. The South Leeds Academy have also done a trip to PwC were they worked closely with the PWC volunteers.

The Challenge: ‘The Enterprise Challenge Day’ (Moonbase, A Day in Politics and Greeting Card Challenge)

The “Moonbase” challenge was an exciting day for the Year 7 students as they were set the task of building their own new city on the moon. The challenge involved them working in teams and sharing ideas to come up with a new species and new building ideas to place in their new cities. Throughout the day, challenges were set to encourage the students to use their problem-solving and teamwork skills.

The Greetings Card Challenge is a fast-paced challenge that involves students working in teams and creating their own cards company. During the day students from Year 8, learned about the world of business: they looked at coming up with initial card designs, then they learned how to manage their money as they had a tight budget to buy resources, before thinking about how to persuade people to buy their cards with their persuasive business pitches.

Students from Year 9 had a great day as they were set tasks to come up with their own political party and manifesto in which they set out the areas of society they wanted to help. Students also had the opportunity to use their imagination and design their own promotional materials, such as flags, bunting and badges, in order to spread the word about their political campaign.

The Results:

Year 7 students doing the ‘Moonbase Challenge’ showed great communication skills during the planning of their cities. They worked well in teams and used great imagination in the process of building their cities; students created exceptional cities, from 3D buildings to Lego buildings, the creativity was endless.

Students from Year 8 doing the ‘The Greeting Cards Challenge’ shared their ideas and listened carefully to each other in their teams. They all worked hard at using their imagination to come up with different ideas for their card designs.

Year 9 Students doing ‘A Day in Politics’ used their excellent knowledge of politics when coming up with creative ideas for their own political parties. They worked hard in teams and encouraged each other to come up with different solutions to help their area of choice. Some students really shone and showed clear leadership skills throughout the day and made sure their group kept working hard and that everyone was encouraged to get involved.

What they said:

  • “It’s been an amazing day, students worked really hard in their teams and showed great teamwork skills.” – Teacher, The South Leeds Academy
  • “Everyday should be a day like this!” – Student, The South Leeds Academy

Well done to everyone who was involved.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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