The School: St Mary’s and St John’s

St Mary’s and St John’s is a long standing Enabling Enterprise all-through partner school and has been working closely with EE and John Lewis to support the school’s Business and Enterprise specialism.
St Mary’s and St John’s has been delighted to develop a working relationship with the John Lewis Partnership this year. Many students have benefited from the time and expertise of John Lewis Partners:
40 Year 7s were fortunate to visit Brent Cross, our most local John Lewis department store. They toured the shop, including areas that the general public don’t get to see, and took part in a series of mini challenges that taught them about the business and its ethics.
Year 3 children really enjoyed a crafting session with staff from the haberdashery department, and were very proud to take home bags that they had decorated themselves.
Following a tough week of SATs tests, Year 6 were treated to a ‘Magnificent Muffins’ workshop where they produced some delicious cakes. Some even made their way to the staffroom!

The Challenge: John Lewis Branding Challenge

Today 45 students from Years 5–7 were selected by their teachers for showing excellent development in their enterprise skills to participate in a special Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day. The Challenge was to design and manufacture new, personalised business cards for John Lewis employees and then create a mascot that encompasses all aspects of the John Lewis Partnership. Students had to work in teams and use their imagination in order to come up with a unique design. They worked together and used each other’s strengths in an effective production line before agreeing on a pitch that would convince the special judges to commission their company to design the next generation of business cards for John Lewis.

The Results:

Students from all three year groups forgot about the age gap in their teams as they all communicated well and made sure contributions from all team members brought their team to success. Children of all ages have benefited from interaction with Enabling Enterprise and the John Lewis Partnership, learning new skills, interacting with adults who are not parents or teachers, and getting a taste of what business is all about.

What they said:

  • “Children now have an understanding of why branding is important and this day gave them a real opportunity to put all of their employability skills into practice. It was great to watch students from all different year groups working well and supporting each other.” – Teacher, St Mary’s and St John’s
    • “My favourite part of the day was when we used our imagination to come up with the mascot. I also really enjoyed working with the younger students!” – Year 7 Student, St Mary’s and St John’s

    Well done to everyone who was involved.

    Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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