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The School: Benthal Primary School

Benthal Primary school have been working on their challenge skills with Enabling Enterprise for the past two years so the Aon professionals were expecting great things from the students who arrived at their new offices in London’s iconic Cheese-grater last week. Students from Year 2 to Year 6 have been taking part in lesson-time projects that have seen them re-designing their school, creating their own radio shows and setting up their own political parties.

The Business: Aon, London

Aon is the leading provider of risk management services, insurance and a global leader in human capital and management consulting. They have a huge team of 65,000 in 500 offices in more than 120 countries, and last week Benthal Primary took them by storm. Today’s volunteers came from across the business and included Aon Risk Solutions UK CEO and COO, and the CEO of the EMEA business.

The Challenge: Money Matters

Each team explored the process of weighing up risks and benefits to decisions as they played a game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Some teams decided the risk was too great and they walked away with up to £250,000 whilst others took one risk too many and lost all of their winnings. One team, Sweets & Treats took the biggest risk of all and erupted with cheers when they realised it had paid off: they walked away with a grand total of £1,000,000.

Armed with experiences of risk and benefit analysis teams began to design their own sweet shops by coming up with a USP to make it stand out. Teams were also challenged to select which companies to buy their sweets from after thinking about the potential risks and benefits.

After lunch, teams had to calculate their earnings and profit from their first year of trading. The big question was whether any or all of the teams were able to repay Aon’s initial loan? The answer was…YES!

The Results:

Whilst Aon were obviously interested in finding out about the repayment of their loan they mostly wanted to hear reports on how each team had made their decisions, problem-solved and worked together as a team. Each team worked really hard on their reports with lots of practice, lots of enthusiasm and tonnes of energy.

The day was really topped off with teams presenting in Aon’s very own auditorium to get the real experiences of a professional presentation. From presentations with real life martial arts action to superb presentation style with use of body language, tone of voice and facial expression and professional presentations that both addressed the Aon judges and made them laugh the students made themselves proud.

Teams showed that you don’t always have to work with people of the same age to be successful: some teams had shared leadership across 6 to 11 year olds whilst other students took on leadership roles to model to others the use of enterprise skills. All in all it was great to see such an enterprising student council!

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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