The School: Topliffe Primary School

Topcliffe Primary School are an Enabling Enterprise Partner School. All students in KS2 have been on a Business Visit this year and have taken part in Lesson Time Projects with their class teachers. They are working towards the opening of their Topcliffe Art Gallery amidst much creativity and excitement before the end of term.

The Challenge: A Day in Politics

Topcliffe decided on ‘A Day in Politics’ as their Challenge Day for the Summer term and challenged the students, working in mixed age teams with the support of their teachers to learn more about democracy, the role of politicians in leading local areas and the country as a whole, whilst also focussing on issues most pertinent to them as a school. Four brand new Topcliffe political parties were formed, with associated logos, slogans, campaign materials and clear and well thought out manifestos. The day culminated in an exciting debate and husting before the final votes were placed in the ballot box!

The Results:

Utilising their knowledge of discussion and persuasive language from their Literacy lessons – the opportunity to debate an important environmental issue was ceased by the four political parties. Welcoming local Labour MP Jack Dromey to the ‘Topcliffe House of Commons’, to act as The Speaker of the House, the children had the opportunity to share their ideas, listen carefully and make decisions that would impact on the school community. Mr Dromey, summed up the debate and hustings, ‘This is an excellent opportunity for you young politicians today. You have done incredibly well to express your thoughts and feelings on this important issue. I really think some of you should become politicians as you get older – I’d like to see you in parliament!’

What they said:

  • “Thank you for inviting me today, based on the fantastic debate you just held, I’m sure that in this room we have a future MP for Erdington!” – Special Guest Jack Dromey MP
  • “It’s been a fantastic day and great to see students’ passions coming out in the final debate” – Teacher, Topcliffe Primary School
  • “You should vote for us because we will work hard as a team to make sure everyone resolves the issue of litter in the playground” – Student, Topcliffe Primary School

Thank you to Topcliffe and Jack Dromey for their enthusiasm. Well done to everyone who was involved.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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