The School: Reaside Primary Academy

Reaside Primary Academy have been working on a range of projects across Key Stage 2. Year 4 adapted ‘Brilliant Books’ for poetry, Year 3 completed ‘Number Crunching’ where they created their own brand of chocolate bar, whilst Year 6 are just about to launch their Active Minds project to tie into their Sports week. Today, the whole of Key Stage 2 took on an even bigger challenge at a whole new scale.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

Students worked in teams to establish a new society on a distant moon. They explored leadership skills by becoming managers, selecting a crew to support them on their mission. They also came up with a brand new species of animal before taking on the role of architects and builders to make their ideal moonbase come to life.

The Results:

Applying their problem-solving and teamwork skills at the highest standard, they created their dream city within tight deadlines. The day culminated in a competitive trade fair, where teams promoted and celebrated their new societies, before voting for an overall winner.

What they said:

  • “I have been so impressed with their Teamwork skills but also Sharing Ideas. Whereas normally they would argue, today has gone seamlessly well. It was also very good to see how enthusiastic they were!” – Teacher, Reaside Primary Academy
  • “We were good at Problem Solving and at Working in a Team because we listened to everyone’s ideas and we were taking turns and voting.” – Student, Reaside Primary Academy

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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