The School: Powell’s CE Primary School

Having completed the Gallery Opening lesson-time project, it was time for Year 1 and 2 at Powell’s Primary in Cirencester to put their enterprise skills to the test on Operation Moon Base. Powell’s students impressed straight away, showing that they remembered all eight of the challenge skills in the assembly and were able to give examples of how they had used each one!

The Challenge: Operation Moon Base

Following a call from the Prime Minister, informing students of an urgent mission, Year 1 and 2 were set the task of developing a new society for a distant moon colony. Working in small teams the students had to decide which professionals had the right skills to lead this important mission and use their imagination to create a brand new species of animal which would support their society. Later on students needed to plan out a new city and share their ideas in an intergalactic trade fair event where a winning team was chosen for each class.

The Results:

As you can see, Powell’s students unleashed their creativity. To give you a flavour some of their creations, one animal for Year 1 had the body of a caterpillar and wings, making it ideal for transporting lots of people. It also had the trunk of an elephant allowing it to squirt water and put our fires in case of an emergency. Another animal had the very useful ability to shoot yogurt at anyone who was hungry.

Each class used different mediums to create their ‘Cities in the Sky’. Some of the most elaborate and eye catching designs came from Year 2 who included exciting roller-coasters connecting all their buildings in a bid to make their society the most attractive to potential settlers. Meanwhile, Year 1 used wooden blocks to create their lunar buildings such as a fortified Police Station, ready for a potential alien attack.

What they said:

  • “It’s been great to see the teamwork skills coming out today. A very creative day for our students! – Teacher, Powell’s CE Primary
  • “The best thing has been working with my team on our animal and building the city. The hardest was deciding what buildings we would buy.” – Student, Powell’s CE Primary School

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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