The School: Woodhouse Primary Academy

Hot on the heels of the general election, all students at Woodhouse Primary Academy in Quinton, Birmingham took on the Enabling Enterprise Day in Politics Challenge.

The Challenge: Day in Politics

Students took time to learn about various aspects of the political system in the UK and explore the skills needed to succeed in these roles. KS1 explored how different ways of voting affected the outcome while KS2 created rules on how to hold an effective debate and applied these to debate a topics like prisoners voting rights and whether it should be compulsory to wear school uniform.

Working in teams they used their imaginations to forge new political parties that represented their views on top political issues.

The Results:

To give you a flavour of party policies here are few extracts for the hustings:

Year 5: “We will help the Police Force by putting more Police on the streets so people feel protected. We will stop cyber hacking and we will buy faster Police cards so they can help people quicker”

Year 6: “We will hire more NHS staff to reduce the amount of time people need to wait in hospitals.”

Year 2 “We are The Positive Party. Our logo is a strong arm holding a star because we are a strong team and we achieve.”

What they said:

  • “It’s been really enjoyable, the children really got into the debates!” – Teacher, Woodhouse Primary Academy
  • “I learned that you have to think about lots of different things in politics” – Student, Woodhouse Primary Academy

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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