The School: Montpelier Primary

Children from Montpelier Primary School in Ealing, have previously worked their way through different Enabling Enterprise projects such as: Food Glorious Food, Active Minds and Going Live. They had been eagerly awaiting their Day in Politics Challenge Day for weeks and were buzzing with excitement to get going.

The Challenge: A Day in Politics

Dressed in their smartest political outfits, students arrived in the hall and imagined they were MPs sat in the House of Commons. The pupils showed off their vast knowledge about politics by naming a variety of political parties and discussing events from the recent general election. Soon after, Key Stage 2 classes split into teams and began using different Challenge Skills to devise arguments for debate, manifestos and create decorative political party stash.

The Results:

Teachers across the school praised children for their enthusiasm as they rose to the different challenges set throughout the day. The teams worked collaboratively to share ideas about how to make their country a better place to live. By the end of the day many children displayed a deeper understanding of how the political system in Britain works and some highly ambitious pupils also expressed a desire towards a future in politics.

What they said:

  • This day has helped these children feel as though they are involved in politics too and are having their voices heard.’’ – Teacher, Montpelier Primary School
  • “Today has been awesome. I wish I was a real politician.’’ – Student, Montpelier Primary School

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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