The School: Foresters Primary

Following the success of last year’s Operation Moonbase challenge day, students in KS2 at Foresters Primary in Sutton took on a new enterprise challenge: A Day in Politics. Students from Year 5 were able to share their experiences from their trip to Societe Generale and the Going Live lesson time project. They took part in the launch assembly by sharing the skills that would be needed for the challenges ahead.

The Challenge: A Day in Politics

In the build up to the General Election, students were keen to learn about politics and understand the big decision that British citizens will have to make. Students began the day in the Foresters House of Commons, where they learnt about who sits where and explored the roles of different politicians. Back in class, students got into groups and established their political party names, colours and logos. They took part in a political debate, which really tested their Listening Carefully and Sharing Ideas skills, before writing their manifestos. The day came to a close with students Working in Teams to give political speeches at the hustings. The final ballot revealed winning political parties in each class, who will go forward to the final whole school vote.

The Results:

Students in Year 6 demonstrated excellent debating skills and, by Using Imagination, created stashes of effective promotional materials. Year 5 applied the skills they had learned in their lesson time project, Going Live, to further improve their ability to Share Ideas during the presentations. Year 4 learnt that Working in Teams is important to the success of any political party. Finally, there were some very successful leaders in Year 3, who supported their team mates throughout the day.

What they said:

  • “Their presentations have improved so much since their first project.” – Teacher, Foresters Primary
  • “We worked together in all the challenges. I’m really proud of my team.” – Student, Foresters Primary

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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