The School: Seely Primary School, Nottingham

We were delighted to start our partnership with Seely Primary School in Nottingham with this faced-paced political adventure. In the coming weeks, students from Years 1-6 will be taking on longer-term enterprise projects and this was an important introduction to the Challenge Skills and an opportunity stretch teamwork and communication skills..

The Challenge: Day in Politics

Seely students impressed straight away, demonstrating a high level in political knowledge in the assembly. Having returned to their classrooms, students decided on a party named and competed in the Politics Quiz before holding a debate on an issue of their choice. Next came the challenge of deciding who each party wanted to help and some tough choices as each party had a limited budget. The day culminated with the hustings and each party presenting their manifesto and persuading classmates to vote for them.

The Results:

Here is a flavour of what the students presented:

“My party is called the Fair Food Party and we want everyone in the UK to have enough food to live on.” Year 3 student

What they said:

  • “It’s been a very interactive active day and a great opportunity for the students to develop their teamwork skills. It’s a way for them to learn about politics and hands on a fun way and a hands on way to debate the important issues” – Teacher, Seely Primary School
  • “A very worthwhile and constructive day!” – Teacher, Seely Primary School
  • “I learned the names of the different political parties and I find it really interesting learning about politics” – Student, Seely Primary School
  • “I have been aiming high by working together with my team to finish all the tasks on time.” – Student, Seely Primary School

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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