The Schools: English Martyrs Catholic Primary School

English Martyrs Primary School in Sparkhill, Birmingham, have made a great start to introducing their students to enterprise education in 2015. A group of eager Year 3 students, having recently completed their ‘Trash to Treasure’ Lesson Time Project in the classroom, were keen to utilise their skills in the business environment and visited BT in Birmingham to do just that.

The Business: BT, Birmingham

BT is a British multinational telecommunications services company. It is one of the largest telecommunications services companies in the world and has operations in over 170 countries. BT employs around 87,000 workers in the UK in a wide variety of roles and has over 6,500+ living and working in the West Midlands. In the future, some of these 7 and 8 year olds might just be on the payroll too!

The Challenge: Team Communication Challenge – Bridging the Gap

Mike Acton, Buildings Manager at BT’s ATE Building welcomed the students and shared his knowledge of BT, taking them on a ‘special’ tour to otherwise ‘off limit’ areas within the building – providing them with an insight not only into the technology involved in the business, but also to the skills used by the employees engaged in their work. Supported by Joe Elliott, Work Inspiration Lead, they utilised what they had found out, thinking imaginatively to share ideas and work together on a task that BT apprentices often have to complete as part of their application process.

The Results:

The teams, engaged and enthused, clearly gained much from the day. Joe commented that he could see potential BT engineers in each team and as their final presentations were completed the smiling faces said it all. Each team had fulfilled the challenge brief – and enjoyed it! ”

What they said:

  • “I am delighted with the way the children interacted with the employees on the tour of the offices – asking questions confidently and listening carefully to find out more. They got so much of it. I did too!” Teacher, English Martyrs.
  • “My favourite part was making the bridge with my team. It was so exciting! I didn’t know if ours would stand up…it did! I am so happy!” Student, English Martyrs.
  • “I want a great job when I’m older. I might work here.” Student, English Martyrs.
  • ”Are these the new apprentices? They look intelligent and alert!” BT employee.

Thanks to BT for such a great trip day, and to English Martyrs Catholic Primary School for coming along.

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