The Schools: English Martyrs Catholic Primary School and Fairway Primary Academy

English Martyrs Catholic Primary are new partners with Enabling Enterprise and have just experienced their first projects and initiated their learning journeys with the eight challenge skills. Today they came together to work with Fairway Primary Academy, one of our long-standing partners in the West Midlands and experienced entrepreneurs.

The Business: Birmingham Airport, Birrmingham

Birmingham Airport Flight School offers a unique and exciting learning opportunity. The Flight School is the base for an opportunity for students to tour the airport accompanied by airport volunteers, providing opportunity for students to experience the busy environment of an international airport. Volunteers working in CSR, customer services, security, terminal management, IT, safety, field operations and duty management at the airport supported the students during the day with their business challenge.

The Challenge: Team Players

Teambuilding was the order of the day, as the students got to know each other and the airport volunteers through some engaging games. Then working in mixed school teams, the entrepreneurial students set about using their creative ideas and teamwork skills to design a new range of business cards for the volunteer professionals from the airport, building on their experiences whilst out on a mini-tour of the airport.

The Results:

The students worked well with each other and the volunteers through the pacey activities. Working in mixed school teams allowed them to extend their understanding of the skills required to be successful in a team with less familiar team mates. Card designs took good account of the airport logo and colour scheme and demonstrated the airport’s ‘Hello World’ slogan. Following the carousel activity where students presented their final business card designs, feedback included ‘all helped each other’ and ‘showed good understanding of the business through the card design’.

What they said:

  • ” The children worked well with the volunteers and enjoyed looking around the airport. The staff were all very helpful. The day was carefully structured and the children were all engaged and showed a want for learning.” – Teacher, English Martyrs Catholic Primary School”
  • “This was a fantastic venue and the volunteers were great. The Enabling Enterprise staff delivery was pacey.” – Teacher, Fairway Primary Academy
  • ” It is a challenge; the students have no time to over think and team discussion is encouraged following the fun and effective ice-breaking activities.” – Volunteer, Birmingham Airport
  • “I liked the interaction with two different schools in the mixed teams. There was good energy and enthusiasm. The practical exercises brought out the creativity. For me, as a volunteer, there was great focus on how I can help interaction and personal challenge with the pace and learning to ‘step back’. It was good to be reminded about basic communication and the need for clarity.” – Volunteer, Birmingham Airport
  • “I have learnt that teamwork needs everyone to do their part of the job, otherwise it doesn’t get finished. Today has helped me to join in more to help my team.” – Student, English Martyrs Catholic Primary School

Thanks to Birmingham Airport for such a great trip day, and to English Martyrs Catholic Primary School and Fairway Academy for coming along.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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