The Schools: Holy Family and Netherton Primary Schools

This was the first Enabling Enterprise business visit for Year 4 at Holy Family Primary School. For students at Netherton Primary it was a chance to put their Challenge Skills to the test following two successful projects in the classroom: Brilliant Books and Number Crunching.

The Business: Carillion, Birmingham

Carillion is a multi-national construction company based in Wolverhampton. As the lead construction partner for the new Library, Carillion volunteers were able to share the building’s story with students. Carillion currently leads the re-development of Paradise Circus. Students also learned how this £500 million project would shape the city over the years to come.

Before the challenge got underway, students quizzed Carillion volunteers about their roles, the skills they used and how they came to work to Carillion.

The Challenge: Building Bridges

This construction-focused challenge required students to design and build prototype bridges and present these to a panel of judges. As each team mixed students from Holy Family and Netherton, the Working in Team skills was especially important. Teams also had to do a lot of Problem Solving as they traded resources to ensure they has what they needed to construction.

The Results:

The students displayed excellent teamwork and quickly gelled together to form strong and creative teams. It was great to see four very different bridge designs with each one meeting the criteria of strength, stability and height. Here are some highlights form the final presentations:

Raneys Solutions: “We can up with this unique design by bouncing ideas off each other and working as a team.”
The Tigers: “We made our bridge strong by folding the newspaper into tight cylinder shapes”
The Masters: “The hardest challenge was making our bridge without any scissors. But we did not just give up, we carried on going and made a great bridge”
The Imagination Solvers: “Getting the bridge to balance was the hardest part, but we solved this by making the based wider and stronger. We can solve anything because we are clever!”

What they said:

  • “The variety of different activities allowed all the children to shine and develop growing range of skills” – Teacher, Netherton Primary
  • “It was great to see how the childrens’ confidence developed throughout the day, even though at times there were out of their comfort zone. They further development lots of their skills and especially problem solving and teamwork.” – Teacher, Holy Family Primary School
  • “It was very well structured day and it was great to see the students really come out of their shell – they were very shy at first and left having confidently presented their work to the whole room” – Volunteer, Carillion

Thanks to Carillion for such a great trip day, and to Holy Family and Netherton Primary Schools for coming along.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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