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The final round of the Enabling Enterprise Christmas Challenge 2010 rolled into Nottingham this week through the snow. Too much snow, it turned out, as one of our competing schools, Dukeries College, fell at the first hurdle when they were unable to get their minibus out of the school site. But that didn’t make the competition between students from Djanogly Academy any less fierce…

Design, Make, Sell…
For all of our avid readers, our Christmas Challenge for this year should be very familiar: Teams of 4-5 students, vast quantities of card, pens, ribbons, and other shiney materials and the time pressure of having to design, build, and sell as many festive cards as possible in just three hours. The teams from Djanogly didn’t disappoint: They mastered the art of the production line in short time, and before long were churning out a stream of consistent cards – Henry Ford himself would have been proud.

While some teams chose the less-is-more approach of mass producing cards which were so utilitarian that they didn’t even have a fold, the winning team managed to strike the perfect balance of mass production with top quality, getting the highest possible valuation for every card they produced. It goes without saying, that this team went on to generate the highest profit of the whole competition, across London, Manchester and Nottingham!

The presentations:
But on the basis that sharing success is as important as the profit, the afternoon’s presentations were fierce, with several teams still in the running for victory in Nottingham. Intense questioning from the judges was equalled by succinct and thoughtful answers from our students. However, in the end our winning team from the morning continued to show excellent form and stormed to overall victory.

The end of the challenge…
Our final event in Nottingham of this term brought to a close this year’s Christmas Challenge – by far the biggest yet with schools across London, Nottingham and Manchester all competing for the first time. This is just the first of three events that our students get to take part in as part of their courses though, and future events are already being planned out for next term, including marketing workshops, careers days and more business challenges!

For now though, thanks to all the staff and students who’ve been invovled, and best wishes for a restful break!

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