Impact 2012

Our Impact 2011-2012
We have had another busy year at Enabling Enterprise, partnering with new schools and business, and working with inspiring students across the country. In 2011-12, we have worked with over 11,700 students of all ages, from Brighton to Birmingham. With the support of over 445 teachers, we have run 117 programmes, which have transformed students’ enjoyment of schools and equipped them with the skills for future life. As our impact grows wider, we are optimistic about achieving our vision: one day, students will leave school with the skills, experiences and aspirations for future success.

To read our full Impact Report 2011-2012, click here.

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The Impact of our Programmes
Our students self assess across the year to judge progress in key skills. In 2011-12 a sample of 106 primary and secondary school students were tracked through the year, moving from low (red) to high competence (dark green) in key skills.

Quick Case Study: Brackenbury Primary School
A Year 5 group from Brackenbury Primary School spent one term working in teams to design and create their own toys, made from recycled materials for the Trash to Treasure module. The ideas the students came up with so innovative and impressive, they were invited on a VIP trip to Hamleys, inspiring them to new heights. Here is their story…

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