Impact 2011

Our Aim
We want to help unlock students’ real potential and give them the very best opportunity to succeed in the ‘real world’. To do this, we help school foster their students skills, experiences and aspirations. To track the impact EE programmes have on the young people involved, we assess their progress and collect feedback from teachers and students throughout the academic year.

Our Impact 2010-2011
We collated the results of our impact over the last academic year in our Impact Report 2010-2011. Here are a few highlights:

  • We reached 3,630 students, representing a six-fold increase on the previous year
  • 132 teachers were trained to teach EE programmes in their own classrooms
  • 36 programmes were delivered across London, Manchester and Birmigham


  • 96% of students said that taking part in EE had improved their confidence
  • 86% of said they can now communicate effectively with customers, business professionals and team members
  • 88% said they had learnt how to pitch their ideas to others


  • 96% of students said the experiences they have had through EE will help them when they apply for jobs
  • 92% said they enjoyed the business events
  • 85% said the opportunity to present in front of business professionals was a useful experience


  • 92% of students said that working alongside business volunteers had changed their perception of working professionals
  • 86% said they understood the practical steps they would have to take to work for an organisation like the ones they had visited
  • 90% said they had a wider understanding of potential career routes

To read our Impact Report 2010-2011 in full, click here.

This year so far…
Our mission is incredibly ambitious, and so are we. We really do mean what we say in our mission – one day every student will be equipped to succeed. Half way through this academic year, we are now working with 11,500 students, having delivered 109 programmes. There’s still a long way to go though and we welcome your feedback about how we can maximise our impact and measure it effectively.

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